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RMIT Occasional Choral Society
Return of the ROCS Occasional Choral Composition Competition, 2010 
2nd-Jun-2009 12:19 am
Moi at MIV2005

the RMIT Occasional Choral Society would like to announce that the Composition Competition will run again in 2010, with the objective of performing all works received in the second concert of 2010, probably around late-July to early-September.

As in 2007, a small cash prize will be awarded to the winning entry's composer. In short:

• As in 2007, any member of AICSA (or its member choirs) who does not derive a significant income from composition may submit a maximum of two original compositions to be judged, which should be of a predominantly choral nature and never before published.

• Entries should be submitted to ROCS by 31 May 2010, including both computer source files and a MIDI file if computer typeset. That's almost a whole year of lead time for you to get scribbling, but we expect most entries to arrive in the last two months :)

• Eligible works will be blind-reviewed by three judges to be chosen by ROCS, winners to be announced at ROCS’ second semester concert, which would be tentatively scheduled for August/September 2010.

• Forces should in general be SATB without divisi, with or without accompaniment for single keyboard/two hands. (Works for slightly different ensemble will be eligible, but this should be discussed by the composer in consultation with ROCS.)

• Works should be no longer than 15 minutes in duration, or 20 A4 pages in legible full score, whichever is reached sooner; sung texts should be free from copyright issues, or accompanied by a permission notice from the text’s copyright owner.

• Composers retain all rights to their work, but by entering the competition allow their work to be freely performed by any AICSA choir from 2010 until the next Occasional competition.

The full set of guidelines accompanies the entry form; e-mail me at rochorus AT gmail.com if you want a copy...

PML :)
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